TRIEPC (Tab Room for Individual Events on the PC)


NOTE: If you are a long-time user of TRIEPC, please read carefully the Installation Instruction paragraph at the bottom of this column. Windows Systems 7 and 8 have some requirements that change the procedure for TRIEPC installation.

TRIEPC schedules and tabulates individual event tournaments. This free software is used in hundreds of tournaments including many state tournaments.

Capabilities: TRIEPC is designed for a variety of speech events such as original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, impromptu speaking, etc.

The software can manage up to 400 schools, 2000 contestants, 400 judges and 400 rooms. A variety of tie-breaking choices are available.

Computer operating systems? TRIEPC will work with any Windows operating system from Windows98 through WindowsXP, Vista, and Windows 7 or 8.

What is the difference between the full installation copy and the update? You will need the full installation copy if you have never before installed TRIEPC on your computer. If you have already installed TRIEPC, you will need only the current update.

Full Installation Steps: 1. Click the button at left for Full TRIEPC Installation; 2. Locate the file called TRIEPC99.exe that has been downloaded to your computer, and double click it, then follow the on-screen instructions for installation; 3. Create a folder on your desktop by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting the “New” option to create a new folder -- re-name the folder giving it a name you will recognize; 4. Find the place where TRIEPC has installed the TRIEPC.exe file, then copy and paste it inside of your new folder on the desktop. The TRIEPC.exe file will be found inside your C drive, inside the “Program Files” folder and inside the “TRIEPC” folder. Your computer may now show the .exe extension on TRPC unless you have your computer preferences set to show extensions; 5. Run TRIEPC out of the folder on your desktop by double-clicking it -- TRIEPC will tell you that it cannot find your data files (a normal message for first operation of TRIEPC). You will then proceed with the on-screen instructions to format new data files. You are now ready to operate your tournament in TRIEPC; your data files will be inside the folder on your desktop inside a folder called IEData.

Instructions for TRIEPC update: Changes in Windows 7 and 8 prevent the TRIEPC39.exe update file from automatically replacing the TRIEPC.exe file that is located inside of your C drive and “Program Files” folder. Accordingly, just place the TRIEPC39.exe file inside a folder on your desktop. Once you have placed it there, double-click it and the file will create an updated version of TRIEPC.exe inside of the folder on your desktop. Operate your tournament from this location (double clicking the TRIEPC.exe program that has been created inside the folder on your desktop). Just remember to start up your TRIEPC program from the folder on your desktop, rather than from the older version of TRIEPC that the full installation version placed inside the “Program Files” folder on your C drive.